Using Other People's Shoes

Using Other People's Shoes

Dear Bible friends,

We certainly have felt miserable when entering a new environment, after being abandoned by a lover or loved one, when you receive no hope or help, or when we are oppressed. For us who have been suffering will be more easily to feel the pain of others. There is a saying: before you judge a person, have a mile walk using his shoes in order to sense how deep the person feels.

Today's verses invite us to remember the times we have suffered, then making it as a power to serve others the best that we can.

The Israelites were reminded to be fair to strangers, since long time ago, their ancestors had been strangers in Egypt, but God set them free. It is urged to not to be arbitrary to orphans and widows, because in the tradition of the Israelites at that time, widows and orphans have to be supported due to inability to make a living for their families. But God will listen to those who ask for help. So as related to giving loans, we should not indiscriminate those who need help.

If God has ever released us from suffering, then the same God will help others whose hearts are crying and pray. Because our Lord truly never sleeps, even very concerned about the prayers of the oppressed, marginalized and poor. On the contrary, if we do good or wherever possible help those who are suffering, accordingly we are working with God to bring peace in this world. That is what the Savior did for us. Jesus Christ, who became like us, calls us to empathize with others when they need our help.

Bible for all.